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Nuno Aroso invites 5 great musicians to the recording studio for improvised "duels" with percussion. 

Feat: Vítor Rua (guit), Joana Sá (pno), Rita Redshoes (voice), Henrique Portovedo (sax), Hugo Carvalhais (dbass).

Rec. at Valentim de Carvalho by Suse Ribeiro & Nelson Carvaho.


Projects 2017|/18 

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MATERIS /Asperes
timpani et alia
Rádio Cage 102.x
Ruído Vermelho

In MATERIS/Asperes Nuno Aroso explores rude, rough, and apparently non-musical materials - pieces of stone, metal, wood, paper - and combines them with convencional percussion intruments like marimba, drums, or vibraphone. Within the oneness of this percussion concert emerges an unexpected dialogue between  rudeness and daintiness, ancestry and modernity, betweeen man and his matter.

Compositions by: Toshio Hosokawa*, Luís Antunes Pena, Panayotis Kokoras*, Jorge Prendas, Chikashi Myiama*.

or the alchemy of sounds.

For this project Nuno Aroso invited composers to write solo percussion works exclusively dedicated to metalic percussion instruments: steel drums, tin cans, vibraphone, glockenspiel, cymbals, gongs, sixens, triangles, and many uncovencional musical instruments. 


Compositions by: João Pedro Oliveira, Peter Klatzow, James Roming*, Martin Bauer, Luís Antunes Pena, Karlheinz Stokhausen*, Virgílio Melo.

Rita Redshoes & Nuno Aroso

A contemporary percussionist and a pop singer/songwriter.

What happens when classical contemporary music composers write 3'30'' duration "songs" for such a rare and unique duet formation?


Compositions by: Peter Ablinger, Kumiko Omura, Mathew Burtner,  Martin Bauer, Luís Antunes Pena, Oscar Bianchi, Nuno Peixoto de Pinho, Ângela da Ponte, Jorge Prendas.

An imaginary radio program hosted by John Cage broadcasted as a solo percussion concert and a Vinil LP (out soon). 

Challenged by Nuno Aroso, composeres submerged into philosofical aspects of Cage´s creation and wrote their own vision of silence, chance music, instrumental exoticism, instrument preparation...


Compositions by: Pedro Junqueira Maia, Amanda Cole, @c, Beau Sievers, John Cage*

Rui Sul Gomes & Nuno Aroso

The outstanding timpanist Rui Sul Gomes joins Nuno Aroso's contemporary percussions. This duet  project intends to offer the timpani a new and fresh repertoire together with a renewed role distant from the convencional symphonic orchestral set up. 


Compositions by: João Pedro Oliveira, Ana Seara, Nuno Peixoto de Pinho, Alexandre Espinheira, Alisson G. Dias, Joélio Santos.

Nuno Aroso (perc), Francesco Dillon (cello), Luís Antunes Pena (elect)





Percutronics I, II and III

 I Portuguese music for Percussion and Electronics.

 II Music for Percussion and Electronics

 III Music for Percussion and Live Electronics

Compositions by: Dimitris Andrikopoulos, Cort Lipp*, João Pedro Oliveira, Luis Antunes Pena, Eduardo Patriarca, Rui Penha, José Alberto Gomes, Álvaro Salazar, Paulo Ferreira Lopes, Karlheinz Essl*, Edmund Campion*, Ângela da Ponte, Tristan Perish, Mathew Burtner, Alexander Schubert*.

All the works written for Nuno Aroso except those marked with *

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